10 April 2018
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Constitution- Part 2 Funding: An attendance fee will be levied per individual at each meeting. The committee will determine the amount payable. Additional funding will be sought from private and public funding streams e.g. Lottery, donations of cash or kind and general appeals. *All income raised by, for or on behalf of the Group shall be used solely for the furtherance of the Group’s aims and objectives* (approved EGM 23/02/10) Banking: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accurate and proper recording of The Groups’ financial affairs. The Lloyd’s TSB Bank at Allenton has been selected as the Group’s bank. The signatories to the account will be any two of the current management committee. Handbook: A handbook will be developed and maintained detailing organisational and operational procedures for members. Annual General Meeting: The AGM will be held in June and the following business will be undertaken: 1. The Report will be read and discussed 2. The audited accounts will be presented 3. The Officers will be elected following submission of proposed names four weeks prior to the AGM 4. Motions to be discussed must be submitted to The Group Secretary at least four weeks before the AGM 5. Any other business Amendments to the Constitution: The management committee, by a majority at a quorum meeting, may propose amendments to the constitution. The changes may be made only at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. Two weeks notice shall be given for an Extraordinary General Meeting. If the majority of quorum vote passes the motion, the amendment to the constitution will be adopted.