10 April 2018
Created by Barry Thompson © 2011-2018 Aston on Trent on Trent Local History Group, all rights reserved
Aston on Trent History – Timeline of Important Dates 1832 Edward Anthony Holden marries Susan Drummond, daughter of George Drummond of Appleby. They went on to have 12 children.   1837 Aston’s old market cross removed. Its fate is unknown. 1838 The citizens of the neighbouring village of Shardlow worshipped at All Saints’ church Aston on Trent until in this year when the church of St James, Shardlow was completed. 1838 The Loyal Holden Friendly Society formed to render Assistance to villagers who, for example, were too sick to work or required financial assistance with funeral expenses.  1841 A ‘lock-up’ is constructed to contain the unruly and drunkards of the village. It is thought to have stood at the junction of The Green and Clarkes Lane. 1845 Derby Road school built with funds provided by Edward Anthony Holden on land donated by Sir Richard Wilmot. It was conveyed in trust to the Rector and Churchwardens of the parish. 1851 Population of Aston on Trent - 357. An analysis of occupations shows Agriculture 39%, Domestic Service 23%, Textiles 7%, Transport 5%, Building 5%, and Plaster Pits 3%.  1869 James Shuttleworth son of Edward Anthony and Susan Holden becomes Rector of Aston. 1870 Almshouses founded in Clarkes Lane. Two houses were purchased and altered and four built on adjoining land. 1873 Major restoration work carried out on the parish church - funded by the Holden family. 1877 Edward Anthony Holden dies at the age of 72. The Aston on Trent Estate is inherited by his grandson Edward Charles who was only 12 years of age at the time. 1881 At a parish meeting the Rector states the need for an additional burial ground for the village. A few months later a parcel of land on Moor Lane is offered by the trustees of Edward Charles Shuttleworth Holden.