10 April 2018
Created by Barry Thompson © 2011-2018 Aston on Trent on Trent Local History Group, all rights reserved
Aston on Trent History – Timeline of Important Dates 1924 In April of this year Lieut-Col William Dickson Winterbottom died at the age of 66. In November the entire     Aston on Trent estate was put up for sale at an auction held at the Royal Hotel in Derby. The Hall and grounds were purchased by Nottingham Corporation and the Hall converted to a hospital for ‘mental defectives’. 1924 Frederick Wells and his elder brother William established a bus service linking Aston, Weston and Derby. They eventually operated with a fleet of six buses until the brothers were bought out by the Trent Bus Company during the Second World War. 1926 First patients admitted to Aston on Trent Hospital. 1927 Village school taken over by the Derbyshire Education Authority. 1929 Aston on Trent and Weston on Trent Women’s Institute established. 1931 Lych Gate erected in memory of the Rev. James Shuttleworth Holden who was Rector at All Saints’ for 47 years – from 1869 until his death in 1916. He was the last member of the Holden family to reside in Aston. 1933 Aston Lodge demolished. 1933-1935 Five new stand-alone wards built in the grounds of Aston on Trent Hall Hospital. 1937 Mothers Union established in Aston. 1939 Aston on Trent received about 100 evacuees. 26 children from Derby included in village school classes. A class was relocated to the War Memorial Hall. 1940 Severe weather in January – snow drifts – only 27 out of 123 present at school. On the 31 st  August there was an air raid on the village beginning at 9.45pm and lasting until 3.45am. Several bombs fell on the village damaging roofs and windows - fortunately there were no casualties.