10 April 2018
Created by Barry Thompson © 2011-2018 Aston on Trent on Trent Local History Group, all rights reserved
Aston on Trent History – Timeline of Important Dates 1969 No. 16 The Green – The Yeoman House dated 1690 was saved from demolition through the strength of opposition from the village people and support from the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings. Aston on Trent Rectory demolished. Built 1726 and added to in Victorian times.  The Rectory grounds were sold off and Rectory Gardens developed. 1970 ‘The Village Society’ formed to help preserve the village heritage and environment. 1970s Longcroft and Manor Farms sold and land developed for housing. 1971 Campaign started to prevent heavy goods vehicles from using the road through Aston on Trent and Weston on Trent to access the M1. The Parish Council and the Village Society work together to acquire a weight restriction through the village. 1973 The Village Society produced a comprehensive survey of traffic flow through the village which was submitted to Derbyshire County Council. On April 1 st  a ban on heavy goods vehicles came into force. Many villages lying on the route between the A38 and M1 roads benefited from the work carried out in Aston. 1984 New village school opened. 1988 SAVE – (Save Aston Village Environment) formed to represent the interests of the village concerning the proposed new A50 (M5/M6 – M1 link) road which was to pass close to the village. N.B. The Village Society had disbanded some years earlier. 1990 Greatorex Walk officially opened by Bill Greatorex who was 80 years old at the time. This was the village’s way of thanking him for many years of public service. He served on the Parish Council for 26 years, South East Derbyshire District Council for 15 years and was the village post master for 30 years. 1991 Public Enquiry held in Derby regarding construction of the Proposed A50 road which was destined to pass to the north of the village. 1995 Work commenced on the construction of new bridges to take Derby Road and Shardlow Road over the new A50.