10 April 2018
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Site Map Home Page: This is the first page visitors see when they visit our site. What We Do: This page briefly describes the various activities of the group. When and Where We Meet: This page gives the date and location of our meeting place. The next meeting is described at the top of each page on the site. Events Program: This page lists the date and topic of upcoming meetings. The next meeting is described at the top of the Home page. Membership: This page describes how our Local History Group operates what we call 'open membership'. Constitution: These pages contain a written document, that establishes the rules and principles that govern our group. Contact Us: This page contains a form which can be used to contact our Secretary. Projects: This page lists the extensive number of projects in which we are involved. Resources: This page contains information about our archiving of documents, photographs, artefacts, audio and audio/visual CDs and how they can be accessed. Prehistory: These pages contain brief information regarding the prehistoric nature of the area of Aston on Trent. Timeline: These pages contain details of events that have happened over time. Aston on Trent Settlement and Colonisation: These pages contain details of the settlement and colonisation of Aston on Trent. Medieval Ownership and Development: This page contains details of medieval ownership and development of Aston on Trent. The Break Up Of The Old Estates: These pages contain details of the Break Up Of The Old Estates And The Arrival of the Holden Family. Establishment of the Holden Estate Village: These pages contain details of the establishment of the Holden estate village. Aston Hall, Its Breakup And Sale: This page contains details of the 1924 sale and the break-up of the Aston Hall estate. Agriculture and its Organisation: This page contains details of the history of agriculture and its organisation in Aston on Trent.
Village Industry And Community: This page contains details of Aston on Trent's village industry and community. The Village Farmsteads And Other Buildings: This page contains details of the village farmsteads and other buildings in Aston on Trent. Aston on Trent History – A Little More: This page contains details of a little more of the background history of Aston on Trent. Longbottom's Guide: These pages contain details of A. B. Longbottom's guide revised and enlarged in 1970. Education: This page presents a general overview of Education in Aston on Trent from the late eighteenth century to the present day. The Big Houses: The information on these pages refer to the large houses that were an important part of the village life in their heyday. Aston on Trent at Work: These pages explain how the village probably started out as a pre-historic settlement and lists some of the trades and businesses that existed in the village. Aston on Trent at War: These pages give some background information about how Aston on Trent was affected by Wars. Churchyard Survey: A plane of the Churchyard. A survey of gravestone inscriptions in the Churchyard and Memorials inside All Saints' Parish Church, Aston on Trent. Photographs: A selection of photographs are linked from this page. Items for Purchase: The items that the history group has for purchase is listed here. Reminiscences: People's memories of Aston on Trent. World War 1 Commemoration pages. These pages take the reader through the involvement of the people of Aston and Weston and their fighting men in WWI. Links: This page contains links to some very interesting sites which contain lots of information for local historians and for those persons researching family history. Site Map: This page.