10 April 2018
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Aston on Trent War Memorial Hall – 1930s
Dedication of New War Memorial – November 2007
Weston on Trent War Memorial Dedicated April 1921
A British Soldier He was only a school-boy who joined us with zest He was under the average girth round his chest But he shouldered his rifle along with the rest And marched like a brave British Soldier It was only a trench with the enemy near Where we dug ourselves in for the lives we held dear But scornful of foemen and callous of fear He fought like a brave British soldier It was only a bullet that came whizzing by, As he rose to assist me it entered his eye He gave just a smile, then a queer little cry And fell like a brave British soldier
He was only a boy, but my heart loved the lad And he merely exclaimed “they have winged me by gad” Then whispering low,”tell my mother and dad” He died like a brave British soldier It was only a grave like a thousand or more Unnamed and unnoticed on France’s fair shore But I made it myself and I knew that it bore The heart of a Brave British Soldier. Private Arthur Stanley Kitt 17th February 1918