10 April 2018
Created by Barry Thompson © 2011-2018 Aston on Trent on Trent Local History Group, all rights reserved
George Compton Astle - His creation of this Roll of Honour Before the outbreak of the First World War William Astle and his wife Annie lived on Weston Road, Aston on Trent with their family of three boys and William’s sister Judith. William was the local Insurance Agent. Their second son George Compton, the creator of the Roll of Honour shown here, was born in Aston on Trent in 1908, and at the time of the official opening of the Aston on Trent War Memorial Hall in February 1922 he would have been approaching his 14th birthday. To undertake the task of creating this Roll of Honour at such a young age does immense credit to the artistry and penmanship of George Compton. He has left the community of Aston on Trent with a memorial that has served as a focal point for Remembrance for many generations past and will continue to do so for generations to come.
Roll of Honour to the men who died and those who served in WWI from Aston on Trent
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